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How should I store my herbal supplements?

Reseal ziplock and store in a cool, dry, dark place is the best way to store them.

Do you offer information on how to take herbal supplements?

We are prohibited by law from dispensing any advice on taking herbs as supplements or to help with any ailments. Please remember that although natural herbs can be very powerful and we always suggest that you consult with a professional. Please see our quick list of Herbal Safety Guidelines. This list is not comprehensive, nor should it be taken as final authority. Please consult your health care practitioner before taking any botanicals.

What payment methods do you accept?
Online payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.
I forgot to add something to my order, can I change it?
Unfortunately we are unable to change an order after it has been completed. When you hit the submit button your credit card is billed at that time. Adding or changing your order in any way will result in a different order total. This will require us to refund the original charge and re-bill the credit card resulting in extra fees that Visa and Mastercard charge. Also as soon as your order is placed it is submitted directly to our fulfillment center for packing and shipping. Please make sure before you complete your order it is exactly as you want it. Thank you.
Can children perform the cleanse?
Children above the age of 14 may cleanse.
Will the cleanse interfere with my ability to work or perform my job?
Great question. You may still work while detoxing.
Is Electric Cell Nutrition approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)?
Electric Cell Nutrition is not regulated by the FDA.
If I’m pregnant, can I still detox?
We do not recommend detoxing while you’re pregnant. It is best to detox before or after pregnancy.
Can I take vitamins and other supplements while cleansing?
We don’t recommend taking any vitamins, minerals, or other supplements while performing the cleanse. Some over the counter vitamins, minerals, and other supplements you may take on a daily basis can be synthetic, toxic, and inorganic. The nutritional guideline will supply you with all the nutrition you need while cleansing.
If I’m on prescribed medication, can I take the pills/drugs while detoxing?
We recommend that you take herbs (Electric Cell Nutrition) at least one hour before you take (prescribed medication) Whether you continue to take pills or prescribed medication in general or while performing the Electric Cell Cleanse is a personal choice that must be made by yourself or your physician.
Even though I opened a few bottles of a kit, may I still receive a refund?
No, we only offer refunds on products that have not been opened or tampered with. Refunds will only be given if products are in their original, unopened condition and we receive the product within 15 days of receipt of purchase.
Is Electric Cell Nutrition eregulated by the FDA?
No, we are not regulated by the FDA. All of our products are all-natural, and do not contain any drugs or synthetic materials.
Should I take the herbs/formulas on an empty stomach or should I eat something first before taking them?
Its your choice However, herbs enter the body quicker on an empty stomach and remember these formulas are Cell Food that supply nourishment
How long will it take for the formulas to assist the body in the cleansing process?
That all depends, your body will determine this for you. Some people’s bodies have an affinity for herbs and therefore the is very rapid. Others may have very toxic and damaged bodies therefore i may take longer but generally if you take the formulas as directed stick to the nutritional guide and drink a gallon of spring water a day you should experience increased bowel movements and increased energy and vitality within the first week. Sometimes while cleansing it is normal to feel nauseous sometimes continue to drink enough water and take the formulas as prescribed The person’s body determines this. However, patience is a virtue in healing. Most people did not create their conditions overnight therefore the healing also won’t take place over night. You will heal when your body agrees to heal itself.
Can I open the capsules and pour them in liquids and take them that way?
If you can tolerate the taste, then by all means open up the capsules and pour them into a liquid (i.e. water, fruit juice, vegetable juice) and take them that way.